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i don't wanna lose your love tonight...

i just wanna use your love tonight

Lose Your Love Graphics
26 January
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{1.} If an icon has no words, textures, or otherwisely excessively beautified additions, that does not mean that it didn't take me plenty of time and trouble to make. Please don't alter the icon: it's not a base unless I say it is.
{2.} Do not hotlink to these icons, graphics, or whatever else I happen to put up here. Please just save it to your computer and upload them to your livejournal, it's really not that hard.
{3.} Don't say that these little things are yours. Purlease give me credit for the icon in the comments section when you upload it to your LJ. It's really not hard to do and it helps people find entire sets of icons that they might like if they see them in your journal.
{4.} You don't have to comment if you take something but I'd like it because it would completely make my day. : )
{5.} Feel completely free to friend this journal, that's what it's here for after all. : )

Luff Her!!

I mostly icon old movies, the Chicago White Sox, and old sci-fi tv shows. Just check out my interests. I'm sure, someday, when I get on a kick for such things again, a post will show up for pretty much every single one of those things.

Stylesheet by refuted.
100x100, 1800s, 50 freestyle, acting, american league, anime, anne rice, atlanta, audrey hepburn, avatars, backstroke, baseball, beatles icons, beauty and the beast, birmingham barons, build-a-bear, bull durham, butterfly, california, carlos lee, carnivàle, carolina league, catcher in the rye, charlotte brontë, charlotte knights, cheshire cat, chicago, chicago white sox, chocolate, chrysanthemums, church of baseball, cookie monster, desktop wallpapers, dragons, drama, edgar allan poe, eight men out, emily brontë, england, eternal sunshine, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, finding nemo, flower icons, fraggle rock, georgia, giant jawbreakers, gone with the wind, goo goo dolls, graphic design, graphics, gryffindor, hamlet, han solo, harry potter, hermione granger, hippies, historical icons, history, html, icons, indiana jones, irises, jane austen, jane eyre, jk rowling, joaquin phoenix, joe crede, johnny depp, jon garland, josh fields, jude law, kate winslet, kurt vonnegut, lemony snicket, lestat, london, lord of the rings, mark buehrle, metaphors, minor league baseball, movie icons, much ado about nothing, myrtle beach pelicans, nail polish, napoleon, nightmare before christmas, north carolina, novels, ophelia, outfielders, pagan, paul mccartney, pepsi, peter pan, phantom of the opera, photography, photoshop, pitchers, poetry, pride and prejudice icons, princess leia, quidditch, red hair, regency england, ron weasley, ron/hermione, series of unfortunate events, shakespeare, smut, something's gotta give, south carolina, spamalot, stanislav ianevski, star wars, swimming, sylvia plath, taming of the shrew, the beatles, the bell jar, the empire strikes back, the hobbit, the natural, the nightmare before christmas, the outfield, the raven, tim burton, titanic icons, tolkien, tradgedy, unc, vampires, violet, virginia, virginia woolf, wake forest, warm vanilla sugar, watford hornets, wiccan, william shakespeare, winston-salem warthogs, world war ii, writers, writing, wuthering heights, x-files, youth international party, éowyn/faramir